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an exanthema with small vesicles on the hands and arms Han
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these women were of foreign birth or parentage their
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amplifying the pulsation. The principle otherwise is the same as in the
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The result of all this will be says Coquot as follows The
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found tuberculous. This decrease of tuberculosis in my vac
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to such a degree that the troublesome symptoms were no longer com
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of hemorrhage especially in the management of acute
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although in passing through tissues which are the seat of and modified
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All the growths rapidly lost their virulence so that they
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bilities of the consultant in ophthalmology in the Office of the Surgeon General.
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shield like plates of lime salts which may occupy the whole circumference
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your horse is suffering from a disease of an exalted or in
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atrophy the thenar and hypbthenar eminences disappear. The back of
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customed to the drug. It was found that the arsenic
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The mother liquor on standing fomied a precipitate which had the
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instances having been traced to the milk meat and even the butter from
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the disease first described by Hebra and states that it is chronic
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Dr. Ross holds such a high scientific position that
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salts. Carbolic acid has produced negative results.
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the reviewer must confine himself to generalizations. While
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Pathology. Little is known of the post mortem changes occurring in

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