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relationship anatomically between the visual and other

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must admit that if representative cases are reported

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account of a case of aneurism of the ulnar artery under the

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completely destroy the instrument. If only partially destroyed

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pointed out that it is often possible clinically to rec

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four lower lumbar vertebrae. Insertion Into lower border

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Browne while officiating in his medical capacity during the

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different substances experimented with is given. Analysis by capil

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flammation so that when this subsided the tumor disap

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side of a straight portion of intestine more or less

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in Chicago. Physicians interested in attending may write to the Department of

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sections are twelve in number and as the results of the

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generally and next upon the special senses though it is

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whole appears to be rather of connective tissue than epithelial origin.

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vascular tumour but this w a not the case. How then did the

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that in some apparently successful cases where much mem

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a week there confessing voyageurs baptizing children and blessing one

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The author treats the diseases of the various organs of the hu

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infusion produced an irritating effect on the digestive

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mous progress in the safety of surgical interference in operating upon

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of simple hypersemia or of inflammatory hypersemia. The latter form is

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His embalmed remains were brought to Syracuse and consigned

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We have already explamed that this should be governed in part

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tion whicli led one to cut the rojie by which a person

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description is accompanied with but few symptoms and with

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india rubber covering over the antiseptic dressings.

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The evidence in fact seems overwhelming that in tabetic arthritis

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acute nephritis or cystitis. The linimentum alone is for most

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much the better but it is not essential many of our most

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cation of chorea in the adult. The choreic patient may die during an

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that given an affection of the kidneys which interferes with their normal

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ment when in the act of swallowing the thyroid cartil

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appliances and advances in the treatment of deformi

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as in the fmall pox fcarlet fever and in other fenfitive inirritat

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A sale of dolls was held at the Stratford Hotel on Fri

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pages before us. Although but a short time has elapsed

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transitory. They consisted in lowering of the blood

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Salicylic Sulphurous Acid Lotions and Ointments Alkaline

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