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a scruple and of the diameter and shape of a stem o

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finifc. As a man cannot well anfwer the objeftions that may be made

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hepatic cells by means of which the rows of cells become notably

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mention we can generally lay hold of some signs of great value

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tion of cases as those women who had reached the meno

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of co ordination as expressed by feeljleness of move

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the presence of hysterical symptoms does not disprove the existence of organic

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fed and clothed with no diversion of wages other than

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small appropriation for the care of these patients

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immobiUty to the fragments while its bulk is small and the

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There must have been several cases of true chancre among Dr.

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swelling affects chiefly the cortex which may present many hemorrhagic and

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to the civilization intelligence and Christian philanthropy

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inferior transverse fissure. P. sphenoid al triangu

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part of the neck of the bone. Often the projecting margin of

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introduced a radical reform as previous operators had advocated

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tability of the quadriceps extensor muscles. The tendon

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by Drs. Macfadgen Mencki and Sieber in a case of strangulated her

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autopsy the liver was found somewhat hypertrophied sensibly

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Strebel finds that by the Hght bath and by local application

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ured by the ratio of the quantity to the sectional area.

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continued. Few cases require more than from five to ten ap

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