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mating prospects it affords. With the good old Bishop

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The response of a tubercular animal to tuberculin is three

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he had been using figures representing different sections

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albumin of the surrounding tissues to pass into the lumen of

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rous gift to the King and Queen s College of Physi

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gone. The operation was unattended with difficulty.

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solution of the worth or worthlessness of the test will soon be settled.

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But it is also patent that typhoid fever occurs often in

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with the violence of the symptoms an t the age of the patient.

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employed. Astringents such as lead acetate alum gallic and tannic acids

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set in with fall of temperature and about forty six hours after

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sule and make it shrink more or less into a firm cap

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eye and return of the eye to a state of normal tension.

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Wm. Thistle had produced a diploma from the Faculty of

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that after the eares aittieties and labors of the day man should

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vv hich the Hospital is to a ccrtam extent affiliated he attended

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which have been published in connection with this sub

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the paralysis which belongs to the disease may develop. This phenom

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Properties Tests Pharmaceutical Uses and Allied Plants or Prepa

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fixation of part of the spine in these cases of tuberculosis.

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greatest intensity of the bruit was near the ensiform cartilage

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to respiration rapid but some dyspnoea temperature sub

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jects the advantage of the careful and intelligent investigation

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cases the regulated supply of medical comforts on board a ships sup

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tilled with water to the ceiling eight or nine feet from

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special association fibers to the motor centers for the fin

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restless look but this soon disappears and is replaced by lethargy.

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spite of the thoroughly typical picture presented by

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The vicinity of Sitanki is practically all a fishing bank being well

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methods of concentration we have succeeded in bringing the pro

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spasm passed away. There was no further trouble until June th when

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tention a thinned atrophic mucous membrane may be foimd. Various

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