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the oedema of the larynx depends on formidable lesions of the laryn
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the market being collected by inspectors and submitted to me for exam
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lation on the eighteenth day was followed by a slight
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for carrying cases of this disease has compelled the
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thing. The rationale he thinks is i that it wakes up a
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to form an exact opinion as to the existence of the characteristic
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effects which may be justly attributed to life inside
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cold affusions to the profession as remedies in scarlet fever have
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the present Building Fund. Membership in the Guild will be en
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lowing case will tend to show how satisfactorily it acts
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was made of the element of suggestibility in hyste
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embers till they come to the consistence of a poultice which
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stantaneous radiographs give clearer views than the
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radical operation would not be justifiable. These cases would be best treated
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methods used for the concentration of diphtheria antitoxin. It
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is an important remedy in the treatment of pneumonia
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once had on her neck. This trouble in her groin had
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Treatment by hypodermic injection was recommended first
beconase aqueous nasal spray over the counter
The Practitioner s Case Book For Recording and Pre
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quently rapidly relieves its symptoms shortens its course
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that there are more grave cases surviving under the present treatment and
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like the knee ankle wrist shoulder elbow and oceasionally
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chances of maternity owing to the removal of ovaries which should not
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the water is poured off the brain is once more thoroughly washed
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the care of greater numbers of injured personnel than had been previously
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As far as could be ascertained there was no syphilitic or
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may occur before any symptom or other sign of vesical
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especially in regard to its promise of durability and sustaiu
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tached from the Independence and ordered to duty at the
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part of the many people concerned would greatly reduce the extent
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England advocated it but because he himself had practised
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bouncing like a ball from the telegraph wires upon an
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English authority on children s disease has reported
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The health of the New York troops is particularly bad only
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of veterinary medicine. Out of the entire number of States but
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duced in the left ventricle. From the xiphoid it may be transmitted to
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hleed while vou attend to something else. After some
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number per cent. escape. The involvement may be evident to the
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usually reddish and when pressed with a probe is extremely sensitive.
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while the discussions as reproduced fail very much in many in
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of paralysis a helplessness out of proportion to the
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when it agrees. It is best given pure with a little
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in the experimental cases averaged days and hours. They con
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Exactly the opposite diet was advised at the dawn of aiunir.l
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believes that while such a commissure does not exist in mar

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