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indicate that each species disposes of the intravenously injected organ

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tract presented a difficulty that would be hard to surmount.

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March st. Middle and lower part of left lung dull with

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different candidates. All other tilings l eing equal

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Table p. the possibility became a probability and we

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acter as those of the hinsce ioints. Their less com

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tance to the mellituria in nutritional disorders. They

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jects Anatomy chemistry physiology therapeutics ob

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chimedes Sir Isaac Newton Lord Chesterfield and a great

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sometimes moving like the ra dity of lightning or like elec

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circle. It is a result of my personal original inves

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Junction asked me to see in consultation with him on

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being employed except syrup of sulphate of morphia one grain

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nesessary to mention them. Besides affecting favor

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the ulcers at the frenulum lingufe are in a similar

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monary and cutaneou exhalations. You can also trace it

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into the skin and working around the bottom of the hair

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other agent similarly attenuated if your patient were a

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were saved it would be worth while. The most striking

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attempt as does the antitoxin to directly attack the

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be extremely prone from his manner of life in prison

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periment. In the one just detailed and placed before you I

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isolation after this disease and illustrates his theme by the

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surgery of the head and neck lessens the technical difficulties of the

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without sensible risk of infection be received within

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Lesions of the Great Vessels. Complete rupture of the larger vessels

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to of cupreine forms the body known as homoquinine

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ness this proportion being much smaller than in cases of cerebral embolita.

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animals was undertaken. With two or three others he

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MuUand with a throng of new members.and a pile of ori lt Tinal

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and bore to the rear but on laying down his burden the Doctor

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