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don Lancet sanctions this treatment as being capable of dc ail
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some of the foremost names in the medical profession the
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President of he Wisconsin Homeopathic Medical Society
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does it occur that the organ primarily engaged in hysterical
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especially liable to colds which developed in the form
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No reference is made to Watson s researches and method of liga
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emptied entirely leaving always one half pint or so
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case the patient was told he could not live more than a
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remains good. Patients are less emaciated maintain strength
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rash is several weeks desquamation then takes place leaving the skin thickened
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treatment of the patient. This should include rest
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shortly ceased breathing again and the same operations were
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ideal figure is never remotely approadied and we must tterefore
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But of recent years for some reason or other the situation has
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solution of novocaine injected directly into the cord immediately
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In complicated cases the occurrence of phlebitis may not be marked by
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favors the view that the streptococci of erysipelas of phlegmonous in
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and from the nose in the other. The leptospira was difficult to find
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of the stomach contents is refused. The bead test shows after
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can Social Science Association American Surgical Association
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or even alkaline particularly if by methodical lavage the acids
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of the physician for any attempt to throw another ray of
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tion received bv it which in the judgment of its editor will
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dom foui T and never constitute purulent collections. On the other hand
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receptor apparatus itself must contribute to the nerve impulse some
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produced Ity the conjoined administration of the two
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of pus through the neck of the appendix or rupture of
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Sxirgical appliances rendered or supplied by him to his patients. Tho
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There are again three points I would make as most important in
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and traumas of the face where dressings are not applied
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tures on subjects of special interest. This includes a consider
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noted The Eighth Eeport of the Medical Officer of the Privy
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is little to be said. Two were of thai somewhal pare and
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infection of the sewers by these two cases during a considerable period
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be held at Spues from the th to the tth of September.
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associated with inflammatory lesions in the cervical tissue.
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