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if his treatment of the patient resulted in death he might

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where the aneurysm is easily accessible because of the

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imperfect the patients stammer shuffle the tongue about in a

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they are widened out to form the lactiferous sinuses and receive

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disappeared altogether. Many months afterwards however

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side of the joint and are very strong bands of fibrous tissue.

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some of the West Indies with their first settlement by Eu

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of the diocise would have prevented me still from being there. But it

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ever been no disturbance of the general health nor any failure in flesh

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Four parts of a solution of soda isinglass are by slow

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fessional friends with whom I conversed took the ground

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previously been in evidence such as intestinal distention general abdominal

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Malignant tumors are not encapsulated tend to infiltrate

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Skilful feeding and absolute rest offer the most successful

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very lovable old doctor who is in the most perfect harmony

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posed in another dog. The membranous urethra was quite

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should be bright and not too dark and the surface of the

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the latter of these would therefore be much less in

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calcium lactate may be tried in doses of grains gm. thrice daily.

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Dr. Anderson regarded Dr. Wible s theory as crude if foul

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the learner a very obvious advantage. It is unneces

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superficial ulceration and variously coloured by patches of

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Concerning the second indication there is to day no

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have known how to rule the natives without friction to

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view of their rarity complications with leucaemia deserve men

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is but does not from some cause descend the ureters. The former is

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first intention is desirable all surgeons agree that perfect adaptation of

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Section of spleen seen by higher nia ification. A Lympho

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li is pp u ij btfmc nr can compare with it. It therefore

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of Watson of Boston that they should do something to

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becomes ossified the bone cells of the compact tissue

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The following obituary notice appeared in the Canada Lan t

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difficulties arose which led to further complications

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