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must have existed at the anterior part of the optic chiasm. The patient

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perineum firm and careful support was aiforded to it by the

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the failure to precipitate the mercury with ammonium sulphide before

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of standing up and walking normally after more strenuous

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The train is almost always very pale but may show capillary haemorrhages

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sedentary life in a crowded city or an active one iu

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on the educational side as a worthy object of philanthropic endowment

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surgical principles. The application of an ice bag to the early

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malarial disease and mercury upon syphilis. Bulletin

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Filehne on animals. He claimed in one case to have produced ex

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appear to feel tliat there is a danger of losing their

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and Dr. Buchanan some good observations on Vaccinal Syphilis and on

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pancreas corresponding to the original spot of penetration could

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according to the permeability of one or another portion of the

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come up to the same uniform.standard of professional attainments

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was operating. The age of the child favors this supposition but more strongly

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pied by the soldiers of the United States during the

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At times it is impossible to differentiate between the

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separator by ureteral catheterization of the diseased kid

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the ingestion of cultures that have lost their virulence.

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galvano cautery as has been recommended by Byrne of

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the end of the second or during the third week. The patient may

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systemic circulation from which it is removed by the kidneys. It is well

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bility in phthisis exhibited in the elevation of nodules

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and Dr. Buchanan some good observations on Vaccinal Syphilis and on

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seven hours. Should particles of food be still present

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operation. It was done for the removal of a chondro sarcoma

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Counter irritation. The leading principle in the treat

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them as a class and I would not attempt to dogmatise

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