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which can be used or not binds the two hand grips to

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skin. Now the effect is an immediate one anon it is remote. A

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that are fairly twenty five years behind the age. It is a

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atrophy cases cease to progress his Bright s disease cases show no

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of the cerebrum. But the fact is that the posterior lobes exist only

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the average of the previous ten years and the various

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two inches wide at the upper part and about one inch

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obstruction or occurring apparently as an independent

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and superficial stitches. Strict antisepsis was observed

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operation is made with the help of ether where a hundred

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As regards the immediate effects of operations most were

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were not limited to the city of Cadiz but the disease extended to

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value of the gifts it is quite possible to conceive that the

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the most scientific and valuable contemporary contributions

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esophagus while all records will hardly swell the num

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two pamphlets issued by the Society and distributed

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Johnson London Mr. Annandale Edinburgh Mr. W Brown Callington An

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diagnostic symptom because it could be observed in other

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relating to the Medical History of the Confederate Army

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in milk or with West India molasses several t mes a

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occipital lobe especially the calcarine area and parts

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many years been a prominent practitioner and teacher

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skin being dry and in the latter moist severe head

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Cases have been published in which a blood picture simulating

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fever every day for forty days. There was then a subsidence

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tubes are then closed with the alcohol lamp and put in the cold

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type with only two of the eight callosities present in Prejvalsky s

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had been taken during life and that it was undoubt

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some patients in the light that the doctor is doing

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provement in her pains the more remarkable appetite still

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physician summoned to the circus rider on a couch in the flies

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that he overindulged in sexual intercourse became de

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in hanging drops after from ten to thirty minutes for the detection of

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repeated once but not oftener should be given at first and may be

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above the ears cutting the hair in a strip around if ne

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Dr. Fisher of Toronto was a strong muscular man and lie had

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ward pressure is a potent factor in form and figure and depends upon

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series of cases reported elsewhere in this issue. The

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Das Gesetz derEisenabscheidung ausGrundwassern. Ibid.

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ing convalescence. In one such case the swelling came

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differences in size and shape of the individual cells. Often there

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epitheliomatous mass should have become so eighteen years after child

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hysterical insanitj is important both from the prognostic

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