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favor of the bill now before the Vermont legislature

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The conditions under which the soldier lives are well known.

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Among the phenomena are symptoms of more or less severe dys

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which persists after the solution is brought back to its original level.

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blood root a deep red liquid of acidulous acrid taste

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sleep that its action is not narcotic but purely hypnotic.

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process of reasoning as applied to those everyday affairs

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might be due either to a general poisoning of the tissues

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The leading indication in treatment is plainly to lessen the irri

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possibly is an antecedent of the part or of the system which

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Evian or Capvern and balsamic remedies surgical intervention is often

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nal cord contains in connection with the medulla and

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when the stage of interstitial deposit of fibrous tissue was

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day. Morphia and bromide to be continued until relieved

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summed up as being dull Hstless apathetic anaemic. During the

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titled An Act Regelating and Legalizing the Practice of

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case presented precisely the appearance described by the

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provement will give to the Long Island College Hospital

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that one structure of mind may on the whole be better adapted

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his legs drawn up there is no voluntary motion in them.

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each case in the spirit of a naturalist seeking the assist

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slow wasting of the bodily vigor good spirits pallid

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