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A substance called sulphur starch was used in the clinic

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culosis are studied by August Jerome Lartigau of Colum

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In England where climatic conditions during the winter were responsible

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conditions becomes inoculaljle though the nature of

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by Fournier. Specific medication was stopp gt ed the milk

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aged and decrepit persons it is in a condition of atrophy

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a groaning sound in expiration. The rate of respiration is either

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extremity of the spine of the scapula there is a hyper

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restrained by Congress or until they have exhausted

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in shadow encased as it is by bony plates seems most improbable while

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removed. At the end of that time very slight twitchings were

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positions are of great importance to the institutions of Illinois

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ferred through a living membrane contrary to the simpler laws of os

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liver mesentery and heart. The same observer the following year described

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Spruill reports the case of a woman aged twenty two in whom

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performed together with one case not operated on two

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Observation de pylorectomie pour cancer guerison depuis

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epidemics of yellow fever in Texas etc. By Greensville Dowell

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tions referred to. As remarked my findings in the Cajal and

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detect the coarser defects of hearing in their pupils.

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with adhesive strips and by the third day had united firmly.

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addition to the manipulations of a Turkish bath the attendant of the

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Its utility. . Upon the whole it appears that the ufe of

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in all respects the same as Peristamincus. See Note

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plegia. Aphasia which is fairly frequent in softening is here excessively

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action but as it requires little attention when once properly

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