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at birth or in the early years of childhood. The men

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produced slight hemorrhages. According to their ex

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ducts. The interference with or removal of the ducts

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thickened and distended the distal extremity of the organ

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medical profession and to raise it to that dignified position

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ferric chloride. In the other cases of phthisis phenocoll

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becoming much darker almost black sometimes of a dark green colour.

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the number of sanitary inspectors in the city by making

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although we often see it as apparently a scaly disease is

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favor of the abdominal operation if done radically.

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the patient was slowly improving the muscles began to act first

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Attacks of pain of a paroxysmal character may be referred to the

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nightgown or bathrobe are worn in sleeping. In addition in very

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quickly through the wall of the capillaries which is as deli

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caused by applying electrical stimulation to various parts of it it will be

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fully examined by Dr. Edward F. Cushing who reports as

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These observations were confirmed by United States Navy medical officers

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cases of cancer of the organs of the upper abdomen such

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infectious diseases may affect a whole neuron cell and its

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Cott of Brooklyn Chairman of the Committee on Legis

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ful to the action of the intestinal ferments is rendered

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sufficient experience as yet to speak definitely of the value

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one Miller one of the wounds being a deep stab which

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visceral sensations playing on a delicately balanced sensorium.

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along the vertebral colunm. Normally the lower articular facet of

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returned to the bed. He reported better than on tie

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their instincts and intelligence bear to each other that tlie differ

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alkalinity. Per contra the organisms have been usu

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by infusion. Alcohol is usually indicated and best given as whisky to adults

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it is not considered in the present edition of this work. Suppurative hepatitis

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Grade and appeared like any average boy of his age being able to

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