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York Academy of Medicine is seeking legislative action to

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percentage over that shown by the figures which is slightly above. The

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should be taken before rather than after other food.

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animal is legally sound. At least I find no deuiand in the law

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pint of water and apply the solution with a cloth to

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so as to make it practicable also for that of feces.

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Saunders I am especially indebted for information and assistance

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molecular weight in grams of some substance dissolved in one liter of

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bis personal relations with the insane and if he have

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spoonfuls ginger J tea spoonful a grated nutmeg. Directions Rub

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matter had been the focus of research. Bayle to was the

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The infant was ordered to be given about a tablespoon

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and over eating prevented. Drugs are of least importance.

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Gastralgias may be associated with genito urinary diseases in the

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to the urethra with globular contraction of the organ retention of

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poisoning. Actual coma on the other hand is very rare it occurs in

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Dr. Widmer s advent as a private practitioner outside skill was

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