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causes of inefficiency were due to its faulty ozganiza

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then another follicle may ripen and the play is repeated.

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When speaking of the dropsy accompanying renal disease Prof. Bartels takes

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many processes with which the internal secretions are concerned. At puberty

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localities or rural areas has abortion made ravages for thirty years

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into which some of its fibres are continued thus drawing the cartilages of

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taking an hour s sleep set about his day s work with all

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the circle of induration. He regretted his inability to

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whom I performed ovariotomy in June. The pedicle Mas very

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washing the parts first of all with warm soap and water have been

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ical constituents of the Limestones and Marls of Europe and

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seen two or three other cases of similar character. I

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compensated by his habits so thoroughly acquired of

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disease in the external membrane of the tym anum which

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toms and a rectal examination microscopic examination

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be so easily led astray that I feel warranted in digressing from

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digested than feculent substances. I not only sanction but I even

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Hammond G. M. the effect of nerve stretching upon the spinal cord

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out the slightest apparent call for it and thus lay the foundation of

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is one of the first symptoms of belladonna poisoning. We may compare

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looking upon it as a very manageable disease. In the

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