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stated that spotted fever was epidemic in Marshall County

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recovery andnon rflcurrenceof the growth. Cysts are quite rare. Lipp

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The second of the special tables is devoted to three cases

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I have before me the notes of the examination of the body

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comitant infirmity. He was active as a politician and ever

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cumstantial evidence which would convict him of the

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by the association and an English speaking conference on

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tensely swollen glands about the jaw in severe cases when the mouth is

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the natural progress of the disease and support the


two of them contained B. coli. Curiously enough there are practically

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cine Surgery and Obstetrics also a second prize value s with

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the progress of the disease justified the use of the remedy.

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hesitate in the sacred name of religion to traduce the

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mal to another of the same species it has been found

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posed to discuss its general athology in the light of much recently

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to voluntary status and requested a court hearing. In

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establish the sensation more rapidly than any other

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