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the normal proportion of red and white glolniles. Thei

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For want of space we pass by the chapter on astringents.

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does exist for a variable period of time outside of

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persons killed as a result of railway accidents during the year was

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middle finger of the left hand is held firmly against the part

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Yet nothing of the kind has happened at the Small Pox Hospital

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capillaries derived from arterioles this elastic tissue not only makes up a

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occur in the right ventricle more frequentlv than in the left. Occasionally

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portion of the area striata representing the fixation area that is the posterior

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effect was produced in one dose providing a sufficiently

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suspended in. per cent carbolized distilled water and

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sicians to receive the appointments will be announced

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licle occurs in relation to the menstrual flow from the

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rapid emptying of the stomach reverse peristalsis and

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an amelioration of the condition as originally observed.

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of the State Board of Agriculture at Harrisburg Pa. in January.

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self or the personality of some one outside. If any man

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was to obtain his license to practise which he did in October

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primipara was years of age. The duration of the amaurosis which

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text book for the pathologist this work furnishes an admir

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twenty five years ago but this branch has been over

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the case diarrhoea towards the close may completely carry it off and leave

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structure whose presence there could not be readily explained

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mation and is rarely painful. This swelling lasts from three to eight days

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