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turn abruptly and upset or break the vehicle or run away.

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In the treatment of these cases quinine in small doses

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collected and pumped into other machines where other

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cases in which fly larvse were discharged from the intestine. The

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aided us most liberally I venture this Christmas time to say

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cious to regard albumin in the urine as always indi

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and the barks to be taken until she recovered her usual

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cancer cell. It seems to beget no toxin to generate no

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or from lesions obtained on Guinea pigs similar conditions were

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Report of Five Cases of Fracture Dislocation of the

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delicate health were led to apply for naval service

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pathological E.xamination by Functions. These give one in

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by Dr. Vander Veer. She suffered a good deal of incon

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Commons during this and the preceding sessions of Par

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moval of the testis under the influence of this agent.

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first of June consisting in addition to the general

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toras until the dyspnoea supervened about sixteen or

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was good. She had had a feeling of bearing down for

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calorimeter and if the temperature of the walls rises or f ls between

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days. From these experiments Weyl concludes that from cultures of tubercle

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only a little above the natural standard when the animals

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there had been no extension of weakness or atrophy to

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plore and the abscess cavity adequately located. The trocar

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