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A little practice will enable anyone to measure the

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graphy navigation and chronology. And whoever confiders the dodrine of

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The chief diseases in which the climate and the waters of

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nal rectus muscle is not so satisfactory as upon the internal rectus as

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confusing manner. When cervicitis of an intense type is

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years ending with any session subsequent to the session of.

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the practice of drugs of which he knows nothing upon the living body

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and the specific therapeutic action of quinine serve

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torn portions of the crucial ligaments the loosened

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poets a cyclus of gods preceded mankind and co existed

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of such importance by some surgeons that they v ould never

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sary. Its elevation is similar to that of the Carolina

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partially corresponded to the natural sutures. There

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bladder. Turbidity in this portion may result from pus a from the

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and reduction on testing the urine were not perceptible. A

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beginning of July the fits and other symptoms were no better

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ceased. The important work of this distinguished man in

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serum injected or to autogenous anti epileptic ferments developed

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located just above the insertion of the left deltoid muscle

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and narrated at some length the circumstances attendant

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be found soothing and slightly laxative in its action.

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disinfect his hands and change his clothing and shoes after hand

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rensemata and that at a time when this important fact was

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pation. The method of suture is exempt from the majority of

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renal elimination must be small. Alcohol has indeed been recovered

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blood as well as the radiograph he held of more im

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improvement continued about a week after which time the response

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by progressive physicians all over the country. All existing literature on the

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quinine has been given in five grain. doses four times daily with good

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