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or drying powders and the avoidance of all irritating

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examination the entire drum membrane of the affected ear

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surprising considering the miserable condition of many

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ting or indirect by purgation amp c is not only a vain.

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by the amount of exercise taken by the condition of the health by

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mark the line of progress toward civilization I will

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when the face fubfides at the height of the fmall pox and of

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and follows a circular course until its point appears

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from that which a priori we might have expected. When the

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If. therefore we find a pericardial friction sound in

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mentioning for they are closely related to a success

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all. And he was perfectly willing to leave the treat

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by inserting in the stopper a third tube connected with an overflow

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tainly this hypothesis might explain the occurrence

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the usual subjective symptoms of pregnancy she has had on former

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the progress of medical sciences on the one hand and of our educational

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