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About oM OY five o clock turnip should be given in quan
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animal while the bladder continued motionless. Sometimes
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evidences of virginity of which the hymen furnishes the most
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lake a deep eosin stain. Occasionally the con oluted tnhnies show pykno is
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the fat is due to quaternary substances. In the intoxications and infec
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This result was not very conclusive. In new experi
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The eradication of typhoid fever is easier in cities than in country
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we call dreams and those of the waking state imaginations.
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hearts they are unwilling to deprive the suflerer of
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last weighed aboul two months ago and had then gained
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of those past acts of attention by whose operation they were gradually
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CHEMISTS FLEET STREET LONDON invite the attention of
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sufficient as was anticipated or because of the dis
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dent early on.March Uth. The cavity of the arachnoid on the
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precautions in impaired renal or hepatic function. Limit dosage to
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I myself have operated upon a case iu which the fetus
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of a woman of about thirty years of age. The opening
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several recorded cases the pressure upward has caused
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able to feel the pulse below the site of the bandage. The
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division of the lumen being thereby produced second
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never too frequent or profuse. Abdominal swelling first
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different kinds of animals each change. In the case
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the knowledge and the application of which are best
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the medical attendant. There can only be one safe rule in case of
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fits. He does not scream neither does he bite his tongue
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tion and produced testimonials of having studied one course of
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water it is decomposed into carbolic acid and salicylic acid.
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the drug to the deeper parts and often excellent re
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of the sugar as acetone and to per cent as alcohol. Calculated
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position of the now displaced parts. If it be objected that
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lation. Dr. Frissell was therefore early called upon
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Yellow fever is not conveyed by fomites and hence disinfection of articles
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resemble those found in other infectious diseases of
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the proceedings of the component county medical societies all an
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The marriage of Dr. J. Glanville Milne of Boodepoort
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one as a thoroughly common sense way of dealing with a
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sition may not prove true. Yet even in cases of serious
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demonstrated with facility in great numbers. In cases that recover
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Many of these cases had been called dipsomania but as
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the objections to the ionic theory are given in two classes
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operations as he had himself successfully treated by the same
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For rest s f. a febrile affection lasting from three to
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Fig. A bundle of fibers from near ventral margin of olfactory bulb in
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spaces. Small groups of tumor cells showing acinar arrangement usually
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would have been eminent. That he had genius wit and
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