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not aware that any of the older authors have pointed out

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had been taught and did implicitly believe in the non contagious

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Galvanism was then tried in shecks as severe as the

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attended by febrile movement. Under these circumstances a

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silica treatment. The apparent specific action of the drug

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The specimens stained by van Gieson s method with and without

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ical influence. There can be only one fair apportion

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tion is just before the cessation of movement and the

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repeated a second time that is until blood to the extent of.

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of liquid sesqui chloride of iron was prescribed. In twenty

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Hospital for Consumption Brompton jGIOO the Cripples

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sphere is attested by Mr. Forster and Mr. Hunt in tlie

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bolic acid in a teaspoonful of equal parts of cinnamon

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nothing in its past annals which sought truth through all systems

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if needful. Care should also be exercised to prevent ocular compHcutione

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realizing the fact that vice in all its forms invites disease.

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The heart is a hollow muscular organ of a conical form

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highly the privilege he posse.ssed in being permitted to give

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normal. In the annexed two hourly chart from a case of chronic tuberculosis

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result in the absorption of bile and in jaundice. If one now and

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the headaches became uubearahle tlie face flushed the

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overwhelming bleeding in a second one fourth it oc

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