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The increasing recognition of the importance of munici

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lymph may contain only lymph corpuscles some granular matter and

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slight chill followed by no rise in temperature. The signs in the chest

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pation may in some cases instruct us concerning the limits of the

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wall of the auricle. It seems to us therefore that the disease began

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aversion to the criminal as an enemy of mankind be

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renewed to me at night and events of which I have no

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ters. If the tonsil from which the section has been

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here and there demonstrable. Occasionally in nitrate of

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pulmonary consumption may occur without any suppuration of

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illustrated by physics and chemistry but as yet medical science has

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year in which there are cold winds are most dangerous

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membrane healthy tlie external os was gaping. The body of the

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quinine and strychnia three times a day or drops of the tincture

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standards of the day is not great. It is scarcely more

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Wray assistant secretary Dr. Arthur H. Hopkins trea

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atrophy of brain. Cultures heart negative liver colon

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those who most involved in the whirl become in great part

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Chloroform was at once given and the patient was brought

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so as to guard against the manifestation of idiosyncrasies.

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thirty punctures may be made and I never saw harm arise from the

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ous strain the restrictive limit to useful expenditure of energy

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ganglionic implication manifests itself but little upon the skin and

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Charles L. Hildreth Southampton H H. Young Riverhead

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possessed whether you feel so or not and if for the moment

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character as a Society that he should be cleared and acquitted of this

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from twenty four hours to eight or ten days an elevation appears

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enlightened method of treatment in regard to drugs and all

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after Walking Liable to be confounded with Angular Curvature Deformi

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had simply to send for a medical man to attend upon them and

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