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scarlet fever and has found it eminently successful.

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iness to the subject before him. An imrivalled fluen y

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occipito temporal convolutions exists a large superficial focus of

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have been distinguished into superior and inferior

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palate behind the dentes incifores but tho this muft

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vided the drainage was not absolutely unobstructed. Drain

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The PRESIDENT remarked that acute intestinal obstruction from uterine

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attendant of the chronic form of pulmonary tuberculosis and

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the easj removal of the obturator or to hold it too firmly

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litigation in fighting every case even those in which

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research for arsenic Mr. Nunneley had examined and he had

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tite or thirst characterized by the occurrence of involuntary motions as

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epithelium or about blood vessels. A not inconsiderable part of

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alive or dead has been expelled. The cotyledons may be

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four possibilities which we shall represent as fol

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A convenient way of demonstrating S. pallida is by the

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him something that can be of no possible service to

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Scissors curved or flat One Saw p in. blade One Lis

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removed from an infected house may catch the disease on their return. The

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with sets for fitting gas mask inserts. Over a week period pairs of

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physician of Pittsburg died January. at his residence

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affected and since he recovered his consciousness after

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Xdke this Tfv as iorrLat jl azaz a in the eax J.S SO

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concealment and deccjitiou the first step on the road to ruin.

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the manufacture of tobacco has no influence upon menstruation abor

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it better to complete the operation at one sitting. The author says

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tion with marked prostration. Treatment in the first

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fected but exactly what the condition of each kidney

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needle. The apparatus was recommended by Frank of Berlin and he

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cold when boiled for live hours yielded to the broth the former.

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of families might do much to increase the happiness of their domes

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a boy of four years died three months after the appear

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position of the now displaced parts. If it be objected that

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with a fairly large number of this class of cases I

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the other about one third the area of the first. The

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to the eruption a mixture of gunpowder and blood was

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cells of loss of function and of proliferation as the

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of Divinity or Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Medicine and

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of acute rheumatism during which a systolic apical murmur

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