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of Leudet s cases ibid. p. where an echinococcus cyst communicated with a

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Venereal Disease will be held at o clock on this date.

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the air should be freely used and exposure to the sun or exertion

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tion. A hysteria melancholic who jumped into a pond

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would lead to undue pressure upon the fluid of the labyrinth

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efoing out to the East. She was ordered an intestinal douche

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general state was very satisfactory. On the eleventh day

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was only recently that its real nature was suspected and

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branes silver induces but very rarely paralysis and parenchymatous

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reaction are arranged on the right of the line. This we believe

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determination of the biological peculiarities of animal and vegetable

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being also ven per rectum. In hospital practice rectal

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dent further trial will secure for them the cordial

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poor. Unless we explore earlier and more often and do

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suffered for some years from loss of appetite this being

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slight pain in superior lid countenance greatly improved appetite

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and external use and lays stress solely on those which he

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