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trophic nasal catarrh the general treatment is similarly directed it is
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portant to know whether they have been subject to hysteria
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remained under ioo and the highest temperature recorded was.
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in fee splitting. He said this was not a theory that con
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ing day because of some bleeding and the supposition
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pages of this journal that some forms of ovarian disease are
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traction over cancer takes place towards a part of the in
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other organs are considered part of a systemic disease.
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been made in the way of establishing laboratories under
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to superficial layers of bone having been retained by the flap. Therefore
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of a million dollars to build a. new cell house contain
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paper that the whole number of cases examined in the ten
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found developed from tlie lemur near the trochanter. This liad pone
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in the serosa etc. Bacteriological examination of the fluid shows it to be
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appearance. In case of associate cancerous growths there may
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there is the temporary pressure caused by heavy weights
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scrubbed they are to be placed in an oven in a pan.
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hinted at not laboured over as it is in Mr. Tulking
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canton flannel disc two and three sixteenths inches in
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By the treatment mentioned most patients may be kept
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occur and death may take place slowly as in cases of dilatation.
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when an appreciable quantity of liquid eff usion has taken place the second

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