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formed varying in quantity from a faint cloudiness to

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are tightly adherent to the endocardium considerable force being re

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Professor Bang then relates a few of the experiments that

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lost sight of as it is the guide to the whole space.

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the digestive processes but they deal with problems

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not confine him to the bed or even to the house but

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the degree of the light has a great deal to do with

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division of the nerves Avould have been equally successful.

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pression of face fixed tremors of head arms legs and tongue vision indistinct

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room is devoted exclusively to mammalian experiments. In this

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Chicago with its age distribution. This shows that ap

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by panhysterectomy. The two classes of patients best fitted for this

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paralyzed and the animal passes into the dumb form of the disease.

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later fatal the duration of life varying much in different cases u

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ing his brief college course as much special pathology of animals

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body. Posner has only had the opportunity of trying the masti

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strained broth. His efforts to swallow were attended

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no injurious effects. He then proceeded to try it in the

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perature had risen to F. and he was perspiring pro

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tance is by bcink check or postal money order drawn to the order

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