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of hexagonal cystals in the urine. The clinical significance of
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slender neck and a conical base to press upon the anus ex
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these latter branches the blood passes into the capillary
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when or why. He believed that simply watching and doing
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versity College London delivered this address in which he
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to relapse ultimately into the more severe chronic condition mentioned
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it is very convenient in measuring out the test dose which represents
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Dr. Turner Anderson Cases do sometimes occur where every thing
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liver is greatly facilitated by both means. Both a suction and a forcing
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wind with the same rapid rise of the barometer. I have
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required as for the operation by the ligature tieingoff and the after tresr
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caliber brass jacketed lead bullet through the back of
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had not been corrected he said it was due to divided re
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upon the proper use of disinfectants in the sick room.
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it may be folded into a strip of a suitable number of
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ing these unfavorable appearances the patient lived some
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Cervical endometritis is sometimes diagnosable by means
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each other. In describing these affections then with a view
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Reactions of the sulfonamides. Contact dermatitis was an occasional
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nothing to do in the remotest manner witn what they regarded as
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count the likelihood of contagion having occurred in these experiments
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the deficient action of the abforbent veflels of the nof
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Family history. Mother died of phthisis. Of eight children
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of my friend. Dr. Goddard who lives in the neighborhood and
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tion of symptoms and the recovery a few cases are presented in
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but certain additional activities commonly held in check by the higher
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his succeeding course he described the arthropathies
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hours in order to obtain prompt relief. If the two remedies
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and possibly forcible dilation of the cervix and rapid
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As regards the peculiarities of Syphilis in Indians skin

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