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lOmg day in divided doses. For elderly or debilitated initially mg day insomnia
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in one of her tours came to a village where cholera was
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secondarily affected. There is a diffuse infiltration in the derma
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attacks were terminated mvariably by a free discharge of
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were united by removing the intervening bridge of bone with a chisel.
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The mortality of cases reported has been twenty five per
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for the detachment and will forward it to the sub accountant
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shaft of the femur was thickened and the bone appeared
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of interstitial hepatitis now under consideration the prolifera
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lip of bicipital groove of humerus action adducts arm.
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has occurred at an early period of phthisis or when the patient is
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off. Each medicine may be given in hourly doses when called for
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that this experiment should be tried by competent observers
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fore the value of this agent as a deodorant is largely
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occasioned by certain debilitating causes and chronic diseases that are
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generation being followed by musical or other aptitude in
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can be prepared. To one gallon of water add li pounds of
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Physics and making the experiment accordingly in a conical glafs that thefubfiding
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ponderous very malleable dudile fufible yet fixed in the fire and of a
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stetrics including gynajcology or to medical literature. An account of
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the jdiysician have a good practical knowledge of physical exph nition.
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effect of salt solutions on the respiration heart beat and
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Pharmacopoeia have been employed with the greatest success
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of commerce approach this strength. The dilute acid and the aro
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French lock two inches from the end. The blades are
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frequently seen papules slightly translucent on their summits
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prepuce may be unavoidable and should be treated with
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give rise to more real discomfort than this cosmetic defect.
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found among a series of pneumonia or tuberculous cases.
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be treated informing them of the new requirements of the Health De

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