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Db. Efsseli. opened his lecture with some passages from the

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also found to follow the inhalation of arsenic vapour pro

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ceived and defined by the individual assuming the sick role. Further it

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being darker coloured it is more bitter and astringent and

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cord had given rise to the clinical picture observed.

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cutaneous abforption. Vinegar from the quantity of alcohol

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that a living body may occasionally be more exposed to this putrefactive

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structure of the latter t pe are reserved for a later report.

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curvature and hence the points of an object cannot be

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Where a sore has already formed it must be treated as an ordinary

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reduced. During the last ten years that my attention has been

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also becomes in some rare instances a cause of general

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she was suffering. On examining her tongue I noticed

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in mind the sympathy between these organs in malignancy

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in which the distressing nervous symptoms resulting from ursemia are

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The French Government has also sent a mission to Spain

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in the arteries of the lower extremities are feeble and

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The hue was deepest and the condition most characteristic

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tions carbolic acid is separable from the other constit

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readily upon itself. In this connection it is necessary to keep the

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sublimate turpentine tannin and morphine using each

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Politics and Pension Boards. The Kansas City Medical

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chnical background and his professional progress ia diagnosis and

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on Admissions stating the student is reinstated in good standing and eligible

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