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came on. The cases were characterized by a modified
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of the urine of patients suffering from genito urinary
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could lie sul stituted and that was continued for five
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describes two cases of this affection which is encountered
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A. Witthaus against the City of New York for medical
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absence of complete relaxation corresponding to that seen also in
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in different parts of the abdomen which showed marked im
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common services optometrists take less time to provide them and
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circumstances and the relation of cause and eflect in
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are also su estive. The most positive indications are found
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form of fever or whether there be exceptions to this law. To
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never rallied. During the day before her death she had
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tricity and galvanism Volta invented the following apparatus which is
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this case which I have interpreted as indicating the
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of malignant oedema. It however possesses no spores or motility
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stitches from one part to another together with the pre
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all pretension and its contents are in more respects
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showed remained approximately the same year after year.
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it and with those means which are fortunately at our command to treat
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Dr. Montgomery Dublin Hospital Gazette January th re
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in the same position as the testicle of the horse. The tes
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some new forms of apparatus will be referred to. Its mode of

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