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the previous examinations on certain conditions. Candidates for De
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motor nerves is probably kept in a state of contrac
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Treatment of the Previous Conditions. a A cute Peritoni tis. Eest
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the originators of abnormal body densities may often
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terior or anterior wall. The first presented a tendency
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so also in regard to the retiring salary for Professors in which of
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the ureter above the site of the fistula and the ureter is then
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The result of the analysis in the Shields case of accidental
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more briefly disposed of when viewed together. By Andral
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i Bojlston Place on Monday October at eight o clock p.
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diet ordinar manipulation of the abdomen caused immediate vomiting.
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into distinct cysts containing thin fluid of a reddish brown colour.
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pared show very strikingly some of the effects of arsenical dips upon
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At a recent meeting of the Medical Society of Berlin
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growth. Developing in tissue contiguous to if not in act
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effects of lead arsenic or atropine or again it may be myopathic in
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process and my experience in this I believe would enable me to succeed
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lecided we believe that the Sims speculum of all the
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A. M. Phelps and Hartle have expressed themselves that
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invariahly lt l lained however when the reaction was looked for in
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Could protrude his tongue easily and straight swallow perfectly well
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recognize letters and he made mistakes in deciphering
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idly growing the alveoli of the lungs were full i gt the
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the question of first importance in diagnosis is not
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and close to it ini another table the apparatus b which
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Payment may be made either in one sum upon matricula
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mined I have been able to find streptococci in the deep
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Finally I trust that I have been sufficiently clear
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Dr. Fleming seconded the motion which on being put to
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fevers of all kinds are not to be attributed to some local or

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