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The lymphatic growths of leukaemia are not in any essential particular

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the surgeon. The forms contain name of patient nature

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while decreasing their appetites secured a thorough

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not assert that the disease is very uncertain of cure and I find

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fuses new hope into a class of patients otherwise doomed

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tions but the one great gift for which Professor Owen cries

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Vomiting occurred in cases not reported in. Optic neuritis was found

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which corrodes the most is that of clay earth rather than

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of cure tried. They were given a diet of salt free food.

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The Decomposition of Albumen in Boiling. By K. Oppen

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lirain as well and for these the title cerebrocere

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of expelling from the chest matters or secretions col

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look for the same clearness found in the usual diagram. All micro

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diac diseases and directions for the use of antitoxin in diphtheria.

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was moved to the right of the patient the squint became less

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by nodular thickenings projecting into it on all sides

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have had much experience with the disease that when

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times the applicator having been passed four and a half

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puzzling yet even these should be diagnosed. Faulty movements of

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charKefl from ear meatus very carl us later the entire area

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well take to heart and meditate upon with profit to himself

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ject shown that these lesions are almost necessarily

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books on this subject which are clearly hardly more

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The smaller number of negroes present and the fairly complete

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The surgical indications in trigeminal neuralgia have within the

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obtained by application to the Secretary Queen s University

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That some opacities of the cornea are produced from au

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the right wa even tliat is an unnatural labour and there

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symptoms and physical finding are not pronounced. Septic

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contents should be brought to settle out minute particles by use of


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article is of far mon value than chemical analyses and it has stood

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Bauxett. September at Lower Gloucesterstreet Dublin John Boltou

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