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acquired a good practice. His reputation as a surgeon was

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that of acetone. The fat seems to have adhered large

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Social Conditions.. The fairly well to do lower and middle classes are

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then quinine in ten grain doses every four hours for a few

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the aid of any coarse mechanical influences. I believe however

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In pericardicentesifl care must be taken not to thrust the needle or trocar

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I am of opinion that the right use of fruit reduces

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ficiency. While some patients speak of their livers with a

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And we further assert that the flexibility of the American method permits

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mental phenomena which appear as indices of the cerebral disorder

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patients the application witli the pipette may be too

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Dr. Hermann J. Boldt said that he had resorted to the

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they who have been accustomed to the daily use of alcoholic potations

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The cases in the Middlesex Hospital were selected with

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James Russell related three cases of syphilitic paralysis in a

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being always most different when the greatest quantity of

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the streptococcus in which case the prognosis is not so good. Eecurrence of

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for actual service. On the news of the expedition of the

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is derived.. The process of the tendon which spreads out

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oral surgeon is usually consulted relative to the repair of the palatal

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a thrombus. The aseptic ligature marks a new era in

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Committee have been in communication with the Registrar

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floor of the fourth ventricle will also cause glycosuria and section of

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history of synthetic chemistry stated that the most impor

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tained so far are a manifest diminution of the pain due

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with a view of urging the importance of abstinence or

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healthy if it cannot similarly incorporate from the bulk presented to it

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AVhat however would be the result of the issue of recog

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