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ings tends to prove that there is no such thing as Cancer of

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A study of the cellular elements is of great assistance. The determina

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intoxicated fell off a railway platform and was struck by an engine

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of urea. The mother liquor yielded additional crys

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portance of a parasite we would know how much we might fairly

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emboli the septic phenomena are most important. When typhoid symptoms

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tion is made on the following score that the coma in

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taining vaster stores of heat moisture minerals albu

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In the blood vessels streptococci and coliform bacilli were

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ence of this aud the two preceding years does not favour the

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manifestations. The latter consist of interstitial pro

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up as I failed to see any decided influence on the suppuration process

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into. With regard to the latter note date of origni.

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anterior and posterior. The left sides of these valves show a mul

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on account of sickness with permission to apply for an

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folate deficiency and severe allergy or bronchial asthma. In glucose phosphate dehydro

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the same time by its continuous pressure mure or less

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the use of some intestinal antiseptic and mouth wash and

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midwifery forceps and for reasons analogous if not identical.

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tracted adherent gall bladders the dangers of either

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tuberculosis fulminating sepsis eclampsia etc. It would

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the womb tending to anteflex again Dr. McClelland used three tents as

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deeply seated tumour pressing on the aorta. The heart was

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sion and tumor with or without obstructive jaundite

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research. Here he gathered a wonderful collection of over embryos

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ent to the mediastinal tissues. In the latter the action

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remove the fcurvy from the gums and perfe lly fw eeten the breath.

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The convulsive movements are essentially clonic. They are very

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of movement. In the fluid of the vesicles are large nucleated

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with Sir C. Locock to attend the Princess Alice in her con

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the asylums. The true measure of the frequency of insanity

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down to his necessities. There was yet a last cause for the

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ination and consequently it is largely by deduction

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Of patients with organic deafness GO. percent showed a change in

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increased autolysis. The x ray undoubtedly at least tem

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pulse becomes quick and indicates irritability of the heart s action

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frequent pulse flushed face and red eyes dry tongue with red edges

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best residts but he still doubted whether the stricttire was

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bull and other cattle. If a bull becomes disabled for coitus

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that any supposed difficulty in diagnosis could not be main

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in individual cases intentional vaccination had been practised before.

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External appearances. There is swelling of the abdomen

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