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apparently also in the human host. It may be mere coincidence that our
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apparatus amp c. given in the Second Summer and Third Winter Sessions
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CHILDREN. The following remedy will be found to meet the
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of these cases the growth did not appear until after several days
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The reasons given in open session of their late convention were
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formed into the lovely figure of a man. do consist in and are
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is a small fibrous tumor embedded in the nerve or en
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similar to endothelial cells that is a true hemoangioendo
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lus bellonensis showed that it is a highly pathogenic
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report with comments which are peculiarly controversial
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aperture as distinct from the mere magnifying power of the objective
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which I was under existing circumstances then obliged to
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and which for a period of time was widely prevalent
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neaux and reproduced in the Journal des Debats for Fehmsiry
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tached and will die. ITie fact that the menstrual flow in
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fimilitude between them but I demand whence it happens that fale
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formation and generally very indolent in its nature at other
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son the true state of the case namely ihat the only
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the inside of the lower bowel should be examined through an instru
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consumptive patients in glass enclosed cubicles into which puri
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the soil is a light running gravel or coarse sand. The
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existence can no longer be a matter of doubt. It reaches
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but in the second the edge of the peripheral bone is
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tion however the leaving of large amounts of blood to
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operating through the great belt of country known as the
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brought about when this property is called into action.
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acterized by a motor paralysis beginning in the feet and
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This subject is of the greatest importance to the men whose
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ity which were indistinguishable from true tuberculosis.
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to commend and little to criticize. Due to the arrangement
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found to be splintered into several pieces whilst the fibula is
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in the air cover it with a freshly made solution of
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section of the pneumogastric nerves. The writer states that he
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water and repeated if necessary will generally induce
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ject which has much to recommend it can be brought to
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public. The main circumstances of still be some excuse if the thing were
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and therapy must be applied on the general principles
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separation of its fibrine a meshwork which contains mul
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ity is the keynote of success and if a definite time
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