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cercus affecting principally the anterior extremity of the

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any amount of medication at the time of the paroxysm. The treat

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several years. It is not unlikely that such studies may assist materially

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trachea is first opened there is for a few moments.

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even though there are no symptoms whatever pointing

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munity because he had frequently observed parallel series

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that in ascending involvement the generally accepted idea is that the infection

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cases. In this connection it might be said that a few observations made

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of insanity that the patient s statements regarding

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parasitic doctrine the treatment of phthisis has reference to two objects.

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little doubt now that Klebs was able to produce the dis

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infection most of the active tuberculosis of later life is

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eruinymin gr. three or four times daily. It is also pos

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and vomit of many gastric sufferers. We can confirm this obser

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cine etc. Tile Memliership is conferred by election.

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fice any of his interests by a manly course of action to

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in our medical colleges who have had no preliminary

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eign spas was not from the drinking of the waters but

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heart of Sesostris transformed into a horny substance. The

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practice. These requirements Dr. Castle has supplied and has beside added

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At a meeting of the Chicago Medical Society held No

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ing is unpacked until the battle assumes a distinct form

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with a diameter about twice as long as the thickness of the

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for many things it will not be necessary to cultivate more than

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him to posterity. But at first he was still beset by

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also be absolutely without subsequent fever. The first

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plices about ths of an inch thick placed on glass slides

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probably recover under most varied treatment other cases of

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vals between doses should extend over from twenty four to seventy two

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the colleges as well as at the universities of London

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