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degenerative process gradually undergoes a calcareous change.

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but one price will be found the most useful Combination

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ances which were promptly abated. City pumps were con

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be unilateral. Exoeptionafly both lungs are extensively afiected. It may

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To be taken every four hours. Laryngismus Stridulus.

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Dr. Bence Jones showed a heart which was coated with patches

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CoEFf. The small pox continues to rage at Corfu with great

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have utterly failed. In the recent epidemic it seems

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tricts as in Michigan and parts of Ontario where goitre is common.

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mental development of their children. The school had

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the diseased area is profuse hence it is that skin tuberculosis lupus

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lar belief that impressions made upon the mind of the mother

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in the bronchial gland in the one remaining case the original seat of

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tinued in fifteen grain doses three times a day for a

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taneous abscesses and deep abscesses in the muscles

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are strong and quick they do not gradually culminate into a strong

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tions of Professor Crookshank proved that an alkaloid was

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bia disappeared from his right eye but vision was no better.

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brary funds therefore the library committee was thanked for

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