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tions of the author of The Jungle the leader of Prof. Le

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shorter until at last he had scarcely any respite day or night.

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The uterus in the third stage of labour is however often sub

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fusiform bacilli and spirilla no other bacterial forms

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are affected by suppurative inflammation. The spleen is often enlarged

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assembled at Dr. Cutler s house at Ipswich in the northeast corner of

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whole becomes lucid as sunshine it is atmospheric that is in

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cure would be of huge value. I cannot pretend to know one

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minution of the thyroid cartilage he had encountered

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and its emanations are isolated from the organic elements which

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treat his cow that had eaten too heavily of green clover.

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unless there is reason to suppose there are clots or some foreign

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number as many as in a single square of a Zeiss hssmo

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posteriorly. The postero euperior quadrant is especially bulging

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Willium Jai kson Kennedy Londonderry John Bower Morehouse Holm

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of the same process results in the production of one or more isolated

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represents a triangular prism the apex being below and the base above.

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almost immediately after birth but this classification should be with

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a period of years. The active treatment of this con

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which is meant the region entirely cephalad of the motor

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it can come into the pathology of infective disease does not exist

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there will be a constant liberation of anti auto ag

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first complaint in the second onset and is likely to be mistaken

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moved for cystic disease the uterus ventrally fixed a few small cysts

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the wind bloAving all round about them through the room.

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nurse immediately opens the door and wishes the Professor

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cause of the outbrcHk of the typhoid fever at that re

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in these cases. I know of no one who performs the op

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most universally in their operations the French also exhibi

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ished or intensified at times notwithstanding the dilatation

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treatment. He was permanently cured after a short sojourn and the doctor

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