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tomonas with a consequent crowding apart and destruction of tubules.

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disappeared under the experiment treatment employed.

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tent hands and all measures used to produee restoration without

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George Crowe University College Robert Willmot Sydenham College

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and from analogy with similar developments in connection with the thyroid

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heaviness of the eyes and lividity of the lips. The pulse at first

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The diagnosis is easy when the local manifestations have taken place. The

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may appeal to some as an easy way out of a difficulty

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of Laryngology and Clinical Medicine. Detroit College

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fortified by documents and statements and by evidence

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to be constructed. Although the intention is to make

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disease may have induced us perhaps to carry them further

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dually acquired a shade of brown. By this operation the pow

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ring finger and all the dressings having been removed amputation

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administered early that need not be noticed. Suppose we have a case

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tions for the exceptionally early opening of collecti

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detached and some partially adhere but all decay and

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mandible protrudes farther outward than the rest of

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post mortem examinations which he conducted before the

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FIGURE. Electrocardiogram obtained days after admission showing resolution of infarction

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virtue of the mission of the physician or priest both are alike

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membrane of the gall bladder undergoes a peculiar degener

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twenty seven months. But for reasons already shown the

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is their only hope they have been compelled to sub

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to the prophylaxis it would seem that there should be gov

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from four malarial patients all proved to be susceptible to a later

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secondary or reflex neurosis by hyperesthesia strong irritation or

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institution of which he had charge had Ijeen cited by

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toin into shreds and the ends of its vessels surrounded by

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practice of using stick to it depend on it nature knows better

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as serious conditions though occasionally a patient

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other in a word he must learn to think. If knowledge be necessary

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excreted through the urine and that is the one electrolyte which needs replacement

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Family history Father is dead the mother married again. The

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thought. A number if not all of the articles have appeared in Dr.

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Practitioner should be to learn what medicines act un

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stood with reference both to its scope and its limitations

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adulterations and dilutions will be perpetrated which will

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colpotomy was a trifling operation yet a conservative

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ated by the statistics of Giudiceandrea who found pancreatic calculi twice

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