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ing her two years of married life the husband had at

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the bowels we could now attend to the most important indica

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as the United States Bureau of Animal Industry. With the aid

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that is always seriously impaired already but because the

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It is an old saying that consumptives are sexually very excitable.

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die from acute encephalitis without even an attempt at

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hours ceased completely. The general feeling was markedly im

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is an evident continuous connection between this pen

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ment the horse may in time approach nearer to the bar of

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vilion iTcently erected in Chicago for the Cook County

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nous appearance seems to him quite constant on the face

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if we wished to represent the speech centres in an educated

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Lateriflora he also wrote a paper on Secale Cornutum in Silli

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sexual appetite are lost and the disease ascends the expulsory power

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the office to remain current with the developments in the

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demns Dr. Vanderveer for holding his remedy a secret

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central examining board. The only essential difterence and it

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He then entered the Medical School of the University of Maryland

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City Hospitals not only extend this unnecessary charitable

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ing the anterior part of the tongue varied so much in

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bottle Yet the cytology of this bile microscopically

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And to attempt to destroy the tumour with electricity was

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a peculiar one and Cripps s description of a single case

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Dr. Strong gives in this paper his experience in about

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of the drug and is entering on that dangerous period requir

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peeled off and left a fresh surface which was sewed

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bandage. From this description of the instrument it will b

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breakfast for an hour or two and he will smile at the ingenious

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crowned hat with his gold spectacles gold headed cane and white

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to the belief that the drug does good only where the

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in connection with this parasite usually with diarrhoea. Enormous numbers

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partial arrest of haemorrhage and formation of a small

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haste to do him honor. Dr. Cook gives three tests of true

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