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measurable. The temperature is an important factor of the rate. It

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by the tissue actually drying nol being moistened by the

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the ureteric orifice and which are undoubtedly faults or

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serts tliat of the regiment of centenarians claimed

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mouth with its uniform temperature free access of oxygen and

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concludes that the most striking lesions of endarteritis deformans are to be

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electricity will cure these diseases are reproached for

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years. He is taught by his laboratory instructors to observe accurately

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inoculations were successful and led to a typical fatal attack of

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or porcelain white. There is languor easy fatigue even on

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committed to the Columbia State Hospital from Spartanburg County.

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Mble. Whatever tends to weaken the general system or the passage to the

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alone in the liver. The case illustrates a fact mentioned

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plasma carbonate with no change in the actual reaction of the blood

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presence of spirochete like objects which seem capable of

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consequently the danger from the disease is measuraljly

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