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Training of Officers. Not only disabled common sol

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by Dr. Henry T. Brooks proved it to be an adenocar

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life verified after death was the celebrated instance described

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a single large dose of quinine the fever did not recur

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Esq. and Alexander Thom Esq. met in a field on the Brockville

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ulcerations found just within the external sphincters

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oervical ache is an aching pain in the back of the neck

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is the appearance of all coffee drinkers They have pale

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in which this causation was not so plausible. The ex

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upon the payment of one dollar as a pound fee and two dollars

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quartan and intermittent forms. Why these different types

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Dosage and Administration Apply to affected area or times daily as directed

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present in two children both born alive. The deformity

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should be normal in one eye usual in hyperopic eyes

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thors acknowledge that they finish the treatment by what they

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physician sliould neglect to have an examination of

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advantage of diet and lodgment was afforded as may be held proved

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from the fourth and sixth dilutions were inoculated intracranially

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nia and it was not really until April that Praenkel determined that the

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are recognised as equals by the best Practitioners in London.

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fairly justified. Besides the history of exposure the spinal fluid

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a From the Veroffentlichungen des Kaiserlichen Gesundheitsamtes

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ment that the term Cesarean section has no connection

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The usual location of the bilharzia is the portal vein wdth its

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nada consulting physician to the Italian Hospital in

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that Surgery may be attended after the sixth term provided that

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should be allowed to remain low lest this accident take place.

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ultimate objects of medical education the training of practitioners of

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use mostly proceeds from the exhaustion caused by this

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subject is an exhaustive one yet there are a few legal prin

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collateral oedema is however always of inflammatory origin. See Parti

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to time as the character of the Journal became established

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the ulcer caused by syphilis has been nicely pointed

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